We work collaboratively with management teams to take your business to the next level of profitable growth. Our partnership approach begins with active, strategic involvement at the board level, while helping to scale your company by leveraging our firm's global resources and core competencies.


We are an active and constructive investor, engaged with management to leverage our industry knowledge, experience and global resources to help accelerate your company's growth.

We provide management teams with access to dedicated resources as you develop and execute your business plans. We are typically active members of the company’s board and involved in the development of strategic initiatives.

The TA team provides expertise to achieve rapid implementation of value creation opportunities through “180-day plans,” which are co-developed with management, and the application of business tools and best practices. We help you make more informed decisions and capture value quickly.

TA's Value-Add Resources

TA’s Strategic Resource Group (“SRG”) and Capital Markets Group (“CMG”) leverage diverse consulting, finance and operating experience to provide our portfolio companies with strategic and tactical support. SRG partners with management on high-priority projects to successfully implement growth plans, support performance improvement initiatives and maximize return on investment. CMG manages and negotiates capital raising for TA’s portfolio companies. Our firm's core value-add competencies consist of six key operational areas:

Strategic Acquisitions Icon

Strategic Acquisitions

Leverage TA’s origination engine for accretive acquisitions to augment growth, transform competitive position. Support merger integration and synergy capture.

Capital Markets Icon

Capital Markets

Optimize capital structure to support organic and inorganic growth initiatives using debt and equity. Drive the IPO readiness process and provide access to public markets.

Revenue Growth Icon

Revenue Growth

Accelerate growth via salesforce effectiveness initiatives, pricing strategies, customer analytics and more. Identify new growth areas through geographic and vertical expansion.

Performance Improvement Icon

Performance Improvement

Optimize cost structure and identify opportunities for outsourcing, and procurement and purchasing improvements.

Talent and Human Capital Icon

Talent and Human Capital

Use TA’s global network to evolve and scale management from entrepreneurial to professional, public-company quality teams.

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Governance / Analytics

Implement KPI monitoring and upgrade financial systems and controls. Establish independent boards and best practices.

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