Sector(s) | Subsector(s) Business Services, Financial Services, Healthcare | Insurance Services, Insurance, Payor / Payor Services
Investment Year 2020
Status Current
Location Lititz, Pennsylvania
Region North America

Benecon provides self-funding-as-a-service, managing medical benefit programs for public and private sector employers.

Benecon provides self-funded medical benefit programs, offering a full suite of actuarial, compliance, finance and producer services to thousands of public and private sector employers and hundreds of thousands of employees across the United States. Benecon’s offering allows employers to effectively control benefit plan expenditures and design programs that meet both the strategic needs of the employer and the personal needs of the employees. Benecon’s subsidiary, ConnectCare3, provides wellness consulting and clinical services, including patient advocacy, nurse navigation and chronic disease management.

In the News

Dec 15, 2020

TA Associates Announces Significant Growth Investment in The Benecon Group

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