Solabia Group


Sector(s) | Subsector(s) Business Services, Consumer, Healthcare | Outsourcing, Health & Wellness, Pharma / Pharma Services
Investment Year 2018
Status Current
Location Paris, France
Region EMEA

Solabia is a vertically-integrated manufacturer of natural active ingredients for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and microbiology industries.

Solabia also produces culture media, supplements, detection kits and peptones for the food testing and pharmaceutical industries. With six production facilities and multiple R&D centres, the company offers an extensive range of natural active principles and ingredients for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Solabia is a major player in the global cosmetic ingredients market with presence in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. Under the brand Biokar, Solabia is also active in the development, production and selling of raw materials and of culture media, supplements and detection kits for microbiology laboratories. The company’s products are principally used in the agro-food industry to detect bacteria, such as salmonella, legionella or listeria.