DL Software


Sector(s) | Subsector(s) Technology | Software
Investment Year 2021
Status Current
Location Paris, France
Region EMEA

DL Software is a leading group of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Point of Sale (PoS) software providers based in France.

DL Software is a leading B2B software player in France with a longstanding strategy of acquiring and growing highly-verticalized ERP and PoS software vendors. The group addresses more than 30 vertical sectors, including health, insurance, retail, trading, real estate and tourism. DL Software provides a number of centralized/corporate resources, including financial, marketing and HR support, and promotes the implementation and sharing of best practices in product development, lead generation, sales execution and customer service.

In the News

Feb 08, 2021

TA Associates Enters Exclusive Negotiations for Majority Growth Investment in DL Software

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