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  • How TA encourages successful entrepreneurs and management teams to partner for more success.

    Kevin Landry, TA Associates’ long-time former CEO, was fond of giving a beguiling, semi-humorous description of the firm’s business plan: “We sell money to companies that don’t need it.”

    The phrase is still used today by TA professionals, because it succinctly profiles the types of entrepreneurs and situations that the growth-capital specialist seeks out: companies that already are enjoying strong growth and wouldn’t dream of taking on a new investor, unless that investor demonstrated an ability to help drive more growth with a true partnership approach.

    Mark Carter, a Managing Director in TA’s Boston office, says he and his colleagues like to use the term “invited guest” when pitching a potential investment from TA Associates. “We are very helpful when asked,” says Carter. “We will always come armed with an opinion that is influenced by years of experience with good and bad deals. We will be a tremendous sounding board at the board-of-directors level. And, when asked, we have our Strategic Resource Group and the resources of TA to dive in and help out.”

    Carter stresses that being an invited guest means never “pushing resources on the management team - that is something we simply don't do. These entrepreneurs have built their businesses from the ground up. They have a lot of which to be proud. The worst thing we could do as new investors is to upset that culture and to change the dynamic that has led to their company’s success.”