In 2018, TA Associates celebrated its 50th Anniversary. TA Chairman and Managing Partner Brian Conway reflects on this milestone, our evolution and the firm we are today.

At the time of our founding in 1968, TA Associates managed $6 million. We were a multistage venture firm with a single office in Boston, focused on technology and healthcare investments. We had four employees, including an investment staff of three.

In the ensuing years, and largely under the three-decade leadership of Kevin Landry, we thrived, along with many of the companies in which we invested. Fifty years after our modest, regional beginnings, TA today is honored to be considered as one of the leaders in growth private equity. We are a truly global organization, with five offices on three continents, a staff of more than 150 diverse contributors, $24 billion in capital raised across dozens of funds and nearly $20 billion invested in hundreds of companies in multiple industries around the world.

While there is no shortage of successful private equity firms, few have reached the half-century mark. We are immensely grateful to the early leaders of the firm who built our meritocratic culture, with a focus on integrity and intellectual honesty. We are deeply appreciative of our staff, TA’s most valuable asset, who embody that culture. And of course, we owe a sincere thank you to the numerous individuals outside of TA with whom we have collaborated over the decades. At the top of that list are the talented entrepreneurs and management teams with whom we have been fortunate to work.

As we begin our 50th year, we remain passionate about our primary goals of working with growing businesses to help them reach their full potential and providing our investors, who have trusted us with their capital, the best returns relative to risk possible. We take our responsibilities to our partners very seriously. To that end, we have invested in ourselves with an eye toward the future. We have strengthened our investment and operations teams, and provided additional resources to help the businesses with which we partner reach the next level of profitable growth. We have improved our origination platform to help us even more effectively identify investment opportunities, and accretive acquisitions and talent for our portfolio companies.

While our work is challenging, it is also tremendously satisfying. The companies in which we invest deliver the benefits of growth not only to the communities in which they do business, but also to the pension funds, foundations, endowments and other organizations that invest with TA, thus delivering the benefits of growth private equity to millions.

In many respects, the TA of 2018 only faintly resembles the small, local firm of 50 years ago. And the TA of 2068 could very well be quite different from the one we know today. That said, I believe that no matter how much TA continues to evolve, the firm will remain a vibrant force in growth private equity. I am confident that as long as we remain true to our core values and committed to our culture, the individual penning TA’s 100th anniversary letter will be leading a firm that continues to prosper and is dedicated to partnering with businesses to accelerate growth and create lasting value, just as it is today.

Brian J. Conway