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Minority Equity Capital for Growth

Seeking equity capital to grow the business?

TA Associates actively seeks companies in our target industries that are growing market leaders. In most cases, the companies are established and profitable with strong track records. They often have been "bootstrapped" by the company's founders and may need additional equity to grow more aggressively. Entrepreneurs and managers often require additional funds to invest in new products or markets or make acquisitions. We help facilitate these investments and work with you to ensure the success of your efforts. Additionally, as part of a transaction, we can help successful entrepreneurs and owners diversify their holdings by purchasing a portion of their stock, enabling further diversification while simultaneously creating new incentives for the next generation of management.

To meet your objective of raising equity to finance growth, a typical investment structure would include:

  • Investment structured as an equity instrument in which TA's economic incentives are directly tied to the appreciation in the equity value of your company
  • Moderate leverage if appropriate to the situation to help attain your valuation needs
  • TA as a minority lead investor
  • TA support in recruiting, governance, director-level support, and acquisition identification and financing