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Management Buyouts

Seeking to buy (or sell) a company in a management buyout?

TA Associates actively supports management and minority shareholders in their efforts to buy a company or division from its owner/parent. TA has sponsored management buyouts (MBOs) in a variety of industries. We focus on MBOs where growth is the driver of investment returns rather than leverage. Modest leverage is used to make a transaction possible and enhance returns for management and investors.

We offer management:

  • A partner who works with a minority investor attitude, regardless of our actual ownership
  • A board level advisor providing a broad range of assistance and support in areas such as strategy, recruiting additional senior management, establishing strategic partnerships, accessing capital markets and executing acquisitions
  • A partner who does not interfere with the day-to-day management of the business

We offer the selling shareholders or parent company:

  • A sophisticated buyer with 45 years of investment experience and over 450 investments
  • A high certainty of close through deep industry knowledge, an expedited diligence process, strong relationships with lending sources and a captive source of subordinated debt
  • Close relationships with top tier commercial and investment banks that are key sources for acquisition debt capital